A 2020 shockwave for the fashion industry

Everyone is in agreement that 2020 has not been easy; a year marked with upheaval and uncertainty. The fashion industry is one of the most negatively affected industries. However, consumers are driving changes to the fashion industry, and have already fast-tracked some shifts that may have taken a lot longer otherwise. An ethical future for the fashion industry is here now with Ametlab.

Italy struggles to remain operative

The textile manufacture industry in Italy holds the benchmark for excellence. An industry in global operation for over 850 years; an industry which has unfortunately experienced a slow decline in recent years through misconceptions and general business trends for fast fashion.

Currently, the situation in Italy is more complex again. More than 40% of the global production of luxury goods takes place here. During the Spring quarantine all factories had to close, including small family businesses. And sadly, some of those have been unable to open their doors again.

The supply chain cracks

During the on/off quarantine directives, globally, a new test arose for the fashion industry. Within the fashion industry, some brands found themselves missing a whopping 80% of the raw materials to complete manufacture of their current collection. Brands with fragmented supply chains, in search of the cheapest wholesale prices to compete in the marketplace, created a standstill during the pandemic and in some cases, their collections became deadstock.

What do Ametlab offer for your supply chain?

Ametlab is a full-service clothing development and production studio. We look after researching, sourcing, production and shipping. A full 360 degree service, for a strong supply chain and a comprehensive team behind your brand.

What are consumers asking for from the fashion industry

Post-quarantine and with time to spend as never before during quarantine, consumers have shown their choices with their voices and wallets. Searching and demanding for fashion that is responsible; combining creativity with flair, imagination and ethics. A slower fashion of higher quality.

At Ametlab we work in a more forward thinking direction. Our enthusiasm is for long-lasting and high-quality fashion, not the fast fashion model. We believe in a more mature and gentle way of doing business; one which is based on inter-personal relationships and where the ethics of the production line is as important to the end product as the initial fashion idea itself. A space for growth and success, cultivated through long-term relationships and collaboration.  We manufacture clothing in our studio in Martina Franca, Puglia, southern Italy; where we all benefit from standard working hours with paid holiday leave, generous maternity and paternal leave, flexible working for unforeseen life moments and a living wage. 

What is your strategy?

’the crisis that we are now finding ourselves in will undoubtedly initiate a shift in how we interpret fashion. Like the effect of past world wars and pandemics, we too will have to focus on quality over quantity’

 Luxiders.com, How will the COVID 19 lockdown affect our fashion trends? Cressi Sowerbutts

Is your brand already positioned to execute the new normal and stay in line with your customers wishes? Do you have a strategy already set-in place to follow consumer trends?

These are some of the questions we need to evaluate regularly. At Ametlab we are prepared, and that means that we are optimal use to your brand making these changes; in a manner that is gentle and easy. The consumer demand for a more sustainable, ethical and kinder fashion industry as the new reality is our normal status quo. So let us take the sting out of change and make manufacture easier for you.