Ametlab shows that passion, experience and an eye for details in executing design is a winning combination. It is with great pride that we celebrate luxury women’s Italian brand, Rossorame, for a second time. With our manufacture their explosive outfit as seen on X Factor 2020, is pushing the Rossorame brand to deserved heights.

The rising star on X Factor 2020, Mydrama (real name Alessandra Martinelli), is the 22 year old singer taking the TV program by storm. Her songs from the X Factor live shows are receiving positive radio air time and streaming on Spotify. Her latest TV X Factor appearance took the public by storm with an explosive version and incredible stage presence singing ‘Vieni Con Me’, wearing Rossorame’s fluoro matching modern suit.

This is the second time that Rossorame has been chosen as the brand to dress Mydrama, rising as top choice against the largest luxury houses fighting to dress her for the X Factor show.

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