The Rossorame winter collection on Italys Got Talent 2020 is launched to a social media flurry. Rossorame launches its ’20/21 winter collection with Federica Pellegrini, the judge on TV program Italy’s Got Talent.

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Rossorame Winter Collection ’20/21


Federica Pellegrini wears Rossorame

For the second season running, premium brand Rossorame is requested as the exclusive brand for Federica Pellegrini (Olympic champion swimmer and rising media star). Federica Pellegrini wears Rossorame on all her TV appearances in her role on the judging panel for Italys Got Talent. Sneak previews from Federica Pellegrini and Italys Got Talent social media creates an instant hype for Rossorame, emphasising Rossorame as a rising star in its own right, with a definite YES! from celebrities and public alike for their garments.

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The Hands Off! Limited Edition shirt and the Alyssa skirt

Rossorame’s winter collection follows the story of a coming of age in the 70s/80s as innocence and maturity hangs in the balance. Youthful varsity styles and colours encounter a darker more grown-up punk glamour look inspired by films like The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Bright sporty styles are mixed alongside elegant and tailored limited edition hand-painted pieces.

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Hands Off! red chiffon shirt with Pick N Mix hooded jacket


Ametlab manufactures Rossorame

Rossorame’s winter collection on Italys Got Talent on Federica Pellegrini is a bold and effortless marriage of streetwear and glamour punk. Different elements in design and manufacture play together to create unique pieces in a united collection. T-shirt graphics take inspiration from old horror and B-movies for a cool Rock-Trend look. Many of the pieces show a nod to previous seasons with flashes of bright pop colors for the signature Rossorame piping. Meanwhile, the best-selling-most-loved bomber has a varied and skillful makeover featuring different versions of the bomber in quilted silk, lace and sequins, patchwork denim and even hand stencils.

Designer Bruno Simeone curates each piece both in the design and manufacture process. Some fabrics were painted and embellished whilst still on the roll before the Cut and Sew, whilst others were fully finished with the finishes and flourishes completed post assembly. Finally, the denims and the luxury fabrics (velvet, lurex, taffeta) were hand cut, placed and sewn to create the patchwork effect desired. To take a more in-depth look at our services click here.

Rossorame remains refreshingly attainable. The Rossorame winter collection on Italys Got Talent can be seen at the brands own website

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Star Gazer bomber with sequin pocket and hand stencils over Lightning Strike graphic t-shirt