Ametlab is a high-end fashion and apparel manufacturer. Located in Martina Franca, southern Italy, Ametlab operates in a town with a long-standing history of exceptional tailoring and garment production. We work with emerging brands and designers, celebrity clothing lines and luxury brands on the catwalks; of which the finished pieces are also stocked for retail sale in shops globally. Consistency, high standards, and the manufacture of intricate pieces have always been at the forefront of our business. We provide all aspects of manufacture: creating samples from tech packs (or from a sample garment), guidance and assistance with sourcing fabrics and trims, manufacturing your garments, labelling, ticketing and packaging and shipping the goods to you. Our focus is on high quality product coupled with a proactive attitude to problem solving if necessary.


A focus on ensuring superior manufacture for samples and industrial production of fashion and apparel through a combination of high-quality textiles, cutting edge technological innovation and exceptional customer service.


To position the company on both the national and international markets for production; concentrating on contemporary strategies of the production process. A continued and open development towards innovation in production processes, distribution and Lean Production to make our business proactive, agile and dynamic to market needs.